"What do you mean virtual tour?", we hear you say! Well, we are pleased to announce that we are working together with MANDOLIN and many of our favorite venues across the globe to deliver concerts geared to the audiences we have enjoyed playing for over many years. Tickets for the concerts can be purchased through our Mandolin site directly or from our affiliate venues for each "tour". In this way we can help support the venues and arts organizations we know and love, as well as deliver a more personalized concert to the regional audience. See below for ticket links.  

Programmatically we'll be taking a retrospective look at the music we've enjoyed playing over the past 20+ years from 18th century classic Scottish Fiddle repertoire to our most recent album of original music SYZYGY. We'll be revisiting many of the pieces we've recorded on our previous 5 albums as well as pieces we've taught and explored in various workshops over the years. 

Watch out for more FRASER & HAAS MANDOLIN LIVESTREAMS coming your way for Canada, UK, Spain etc etc 

Thanks for your support!! - Alasdair & Natalie